My Miner is not working?


Hey guys and ladies,
I am wondering if my miner is working, unfortunally I dont think so.
Below is the miner output.

My config is below. When I go to I can not find my burst address.

Can you tell me what may have gone wrong?
“Mode” : “pool”,
“Server” : “”,
“Port” : 8124,

“UpdaterAddr” : “”,
“UpdaterPort” : 8124,

“InfoAddr” : “”,
“InfoPort” : 8124,

“EnableProxy” : false,
“ProxyPort” : 8126,

“CacheSize” : 40000,

“Debug” : true,
“UseHDDWakeUp” : false,

“TargetDeadline”: 80000000,

“SendInterval” : 100,
“UpdateInterval” : 950,

“UseLog” : false,
“ShowWinner” : false,
“UseBoost” : false,

“WinSizeX” : 76,
“WinSizeY” : 60


Everything is fine, it just seems you are mining with a small amount of space. It will take a long time to see any results.

H J K and L drives looks to have very little to no plotted space from what I can see on the miner.


You are also mining on a pool that is a very low deadline 86400 seconds which is not favorable for miners with low storage space. You should switch to a pool that is a bit more forgiving to beginner miners.

The top 10 miners there have on avg 300TB of space. Those are whalesssssssss


I just started, there is still some space to be plotted.

So you would advise me to change the pool as soon as I get my 1st payout?

Do you have a good pool for about 3tb?

Still have to wait because I can’t change the reward adress.


This is the pool I am on and good for beginner miners.

Post your burst account so we can send you at least two coins or else your going to be where your at for a while.


hi all i thing i am having the same problem im not shore if my miner is not working

any ideas could it be a bad plot or am i doing something wrong


I think that means that you didn’t make your plots with a correct numeric ID. The file names for your plots need to start with the numeric id of your account. If they don’t, they need to be replotted correctly.


Hi man, i added the account id to it in xplotter tho i have now made a run.bat with the info in it and it is now taking ages :joy: so i will see what happens thanks again


I currently have the same issue.
Happy to know this has to do with little mining space (currently mining with small amount to see if I can get it all up and running).


same im having problems with reward assignment it keeps telling me it cannot do it, but my account seems to be order, any good pools for low Tb i have 2 at the moment once plotting is working i seem to have over lap.


You need a coin to set your reward assignment. You will get that error if you don’t have any in your account. is good for low TB.


ah right think i may have boo booed some were i have seem to have used my burst to verify my account and am now broke :frowning_face:
could any one help a noob out…

i have sorted out the over lap using xplotter run file and editing it as the GUI was being a pain