Need 1 burst to get going, thanks!

Just set up an account with the Android wallet, can’t receive BURST from bittrex, so I suppose that I need to get it activated from one of you guys. Thanks a million!


Are you planning on mining?

I’m considering it, but it’s unrelated. I assume that the Android wallet is useless for that :slight_smile:
I plan to check my unused HDs and see what I can do with them.

At this stage I’d just like to activate this wallet and get my Burst coins back under my control.
Can you help @MichaelM?
Thank you!

Not sure what I can do to help.

I thought that receiving one BURST on my address would activate it.
It seems that I can’t do it from bittrex.
If you give me your public address, I can send it to you so that you can send it to me?

I’m a bit confused I must say, I’ve been using crypto for a while, it’s the first time that I bump into this “activation” process… :confused:

I’m sending a coin over to you. If you are just using the android wallet, then any transaction you do is fine to create your public key.

Please make sure you are using this wallet -

Thank you!
Yes, that’s the one I downloaded from Google Play.

What I don’t understand is the reason why sending from an exchange is different from sending from a wallet. Anyway, thanks, I’m waiting for your burst then…

I received it!!
Thanks @ryanw

Can I send it back to you? Or should I send it to another address? It says “Newbies Startup Fund”

Bittrex is the one responsible for not allowing transfers to an address that does not yet have a public key. I believe they are the only exchange that does this. You can send Burst from anywhere else.

You know, the fee to send a coin is 1 Burst, so you won’t be able to send anything. Sending a message also costs one Burst though, and that counts as a transaction.

Thank you @ryanw!
I’ve been able to withdraw from bittrex.
I sent back 10 Burst to the newbies fund. Appreciate the friendly community :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, and than you very much! Good luck!