Need 1 Burst to get started



Glad to see a great community here! I’m from US west coast and I just started mining burst and would really appreciate if someone can help me get 1 burst to set reward recipient for pool mining. My Account is BURST-TAN7-HFAW-58G9-AJ39J.

Thank you!


A couple on the way, welcome!


Thank you very much ryanw!


I need 1 burst to getting started, too. someone can help me?
My account is BURST-Q2KW-7U37-PTAV-GVTM6

Thank a lot!


@mtinnguyen hey there, before I send this and since this is a message dating from so long I need you to send me a shout out :slight_smile:
Want to make sure I am not sending to ghost :joy: