Need 1 Burstcoin to set my reward recipient


need 1 Burstcoin to set my reward recipient
currently have ZERO balance and my Burst address is;



sent you a couple



I need a burst coin to set reward recipient, I already asked for a coin on this forum but it was sent to a wrong burst address. I have no idea where I got the wrong burst address from. I think I messed up something during my set up because once I started the miner the plots were set for a wrong burst address, and had to redo the plots from scratch. I got it all setup again and now I have the new burst address. Miner is working just need a coin for reward recipients. Thanks in advance.



sent you a couple


Weird cause I didn’t receive any coins, my database went corrutp had to redownload the blockchain. Would this affect the transaction at all?


It won’t affect the transaction, you can see that your balance is 2 coins here:

But you won’t be seeing updated information in your local wallet until you are fully synced with the network.

Here is the web wallet if you’re interested in using that -



My block chain download finally finished and i see your two coins you sent me. Thank you. Still have a problem with error 1014, but my reward recipient is already setup so not sure how why this error is popping up. Gonna have to continue to troubleshoot this error.


Can you post a screenshot of the error you are receiving, and tell us what you are doing at the time?