Need 2 Burstcoin to start


Dear guys,
I’m new user really need 2 Burstcoin to start mining. Please help with BURST-HHSL-N3SW-5YWP-G36BX
By the way, I see something I guess like a group of people mining together, can somebody explain?
Best regards.


Sent you two to go with the one you already had.


Thank you for helping.
I just check and found that BURST-HHSL-N3SW-5YWP-G36BX is my local wallet and on my PC, the account balance still 0 :frowning:
How long should it take?
Best regards.


I check again, on PC, still nothing, but on web like Birstnation… I have 3 already.


You have 3 Burst. If your local wallet hasn’t synced, you’ll need to wait for that to finish before you see your correct balance.


Thank you for help.


Hello Guys

I’m new to burst mining. I downloaded the blockchain and created the plot files. Problem is that to start i need to set the pool, but without any burst i can’t do that. I tried different faucet without any results. Itried also on poloniex to change ltc, eth or btc into burst but the account verification process never ends. On shapeshif i didn’t find burst option.
Could you please loan 1 burst to BURST-6SFL-5RVL-CLEZ-DSQGN or suggest a site where I can change small ltc ammount, to let me start mining Burst?

Thank you.



A few Burst are heading your way.


Thank you very much for your help, now I can really start!