Need 2 Coins / Reward Offered

Like everyone else I need some coin to get started.

I think I have to pay for wallet setup with a coin and I’m not sure if there still needs to be at least one coin left in the wallet after that.

If someone could send me 2 coins, I will gladly send more than 2 back. I don’t have much to work with so I can only handle a reward for the first few senders.
If there are more than a few senders, I will at least refund the amount that was sent.

My Address is: BURST-XK4K-CXF7-AXYJ-3TF7Y

Thanks in advance,


3 Burst on their way - Please pay it forward to someone in the future

You will need to download the blockchain before you see the coins sent to you. Here is a quick high level guide;

1 - Open your account up

a. Get your number

b. Setup a name for your account this will be helpful so when your on the pool you can find yourself easy (optional)

c. Once your done with this set all the information aside in a txt file somewhere.

2 - Start looking for a pool to mine in.

a. I use you are looking for stability in a pool.

b. Figure out where you are going to PHYSICALLY mine e.g. is it on the same computer or another computer. Where you open and store your wallet has no relation to the gear your mining on. I have my wallet on my local home computer and have a rig setup for mining three feet away from me.

c. If you know your going to join a pool set the reward assignment ahead of time. This will avoid having to wait the 4 blocks any pool asks you to wait for while your plotting your drive.

3 - Get ready to learn and plot your drives

a. Figure out how to plot your drive
b. Make sure your drive is optimized from the get go. XPlotter does this for you
c. Make sure any future plots do not overlap
d. While your first drive is plotting, start getting ready your batch file and config file to mine the pool.

Check out these links on the forum for more detail on how to plot. This will be the most time consuming part of getting ready This post has

  • Tips and tricks
  • Using Xplotter to create optimized plots from the get go
  • Using Xplotter to re-start a plot and pick up from where you left off
  • Naming conventions to AVOID overlapping plots

  • How plots are created

4 - Once the plot file is ready, start mining

a. Once the plot file is ready you should have ready to go the batch file and the config file for mining the pool you are joining

b. To join any pool you must set the reward assignment which is code for you having to pay your way in to join the pool. This is a one time payment but if you switch pools you have to pay to join that new pool. If your limited on burst coins best to stick to one pool until you have earned burst. The pool needs to know who you are and add you to them and they can pay you.

This is done by “SETTING THE REWARD ASSIGNMENT FEATURE” best to use the set reward assignment in the All in One AIO feature in the burst coin download you did. This is why you were sent 3 burst and broken down like this.

  • 1 burst for setting the REWARD ASSIGNMENT to the pool your going to join and mine from (mandatory)
  • 1 burst for _sending a test burst to someone, anyone, (back to me if you like) this will solidify your wallet and demonstrate that you received and have sent at least one burst. (optional but very helpful)
  • This should leave you with one burst.

WARNING DO NOT EVER USE - A WEBSITE based version of any application to set your reward assignment. There are RUMORS that these sites are CACHING Passphrases and stealing peoples coins. A rumor, but there is hard proof that its happening.

  • Use the set reward assginment option at the bottom of your windows burst wallet where it says START MINING > CHANGE REWARD ASSIGNMENT see image below

5 - Once you start mining

a. On the pool page where your mining on, go to the HISTORIC SHARES window and SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM and find your new name that you gave yourself above or your burst account number. You will be at the bottom because you are new to the pool. Once you are there over time you will begin climbing the ladder.

6 - Watch this video on how to understand to read a pool page. The concept is the same for all pools.

7 - Other videos worth watching

a. How to shuck drives and save money. If you buy and shuck a drive register with WD to activate your warranty here.

b. how to setup a burst coin wallet

c. How to pool mine Burstcoin

Good luck and happy Bursting !! :slight_smile:

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Thank You!

I appreciate your help with the coin and also all of the extra information and tips.

I will be moving forward with this later today when a person that knows more about this sort of thing than I do, can be with me and help me follow your instructions properly.

He will be very pleased with the tutorial that you have sent, and the ability to move forward because of the 3 coins.

We will use your account to send the test coin, and once we are mining i will have more coin that I can send for your efforts.

Thanks Again,


Best of luck, ping me or the forum for help. This is a great forum.