Need A Couple Burst Coin To Start Mining, Will Donate Back!

I have plotted a 2tb drive and im ready to mine! Now all i need i some burstcoin to start. All donations are appreciated and I will for sure return the favor and make some donations!

My Burst Address is: BURST-GG5Y-LTB8-S9PT-A6BC7

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I just sent a couple your way.



Thank you so much, my wallet is now synchronizing the block chain. It doesn’t show that I have received anything yet. Will they show up once the block chain is finished syncing?

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Yes, once you are all synced up, they will show :slight_smile:

You can always use a wallet hosted by the developers to use the network until then if you want.

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Ryan, thank you so much! I just logged in and I see 2 burstcoin! Do you have any recommendations for a novice miner? I have mined bitcoin and litecoin way back in the day and I also did a little bit of startcoin and ethereum.

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Mining and plotting through Qbundle is probably the easiest, and that is what I use most of the time. It uses Blago cpu miner.

For pools, I highly recommend and pools for new miners with under 24TB!

Burst is very different from other coins. I could simply described it as Proof Of Work, but with a ton of the work already done and saved to disk (plotted)…you just need to run through it again to finish it off (mining).

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I tried changing the pool and I used a link I found on this forum and I have been mining for about 6 hours and confirmed at least 15 DLs. I dont even see my username on the active miners pool even though I changed the reward assignment over to the pool im using. I only have about 6tb but I will be expanding to 8tb hopefully after buying some off lease 500gb hdds. and I would like to switch to another pool where I will have better chances of mining some Burst coin but I do not have any more coins.

YOu will need to mine a lot longer to see results.

by a lot longer, how much It that? I have increased my mining capacity to about 5TB already and hopefully 6tb by the end of the day. Also, how do you tell QBundle what your burstcoin address is?

Qbundle will know your address when you log in with your passphrase.

Alright, the only thing that worries me is that I have been mining with the other 677gb that I have added for about 24 hours now and I have yet to see it reflect on my total space being used to mine in the pool I am in under block history. it still shows 3.6tb only

I think I missunderstood the following part of your post

I thought you were asking how Qbundle would know your address.

Which address are you referring too? ryanw or yours or some other?

the pool is adjusting everyones plotsize to make it equal when the real size is not shown correctly if i remeber it correctly. So dont worry :slight_smile:

Im talking about my burstcoin address so when I mine, I get the credit for it in the pool. I have 4 computers mining with a bunch of hard drives connected to each one.

how does that work? im still a bit confused

In that case all you need is your passphrase to log into your wallet. Once in the wallet you can get your Account ID and the Numeric Account ID.

From what I understand, to mine with multiple systems you need to set one up as a proxy server and the others report to it.


I have tested it out and as long as they get logged in atleast once to the wallet with the same passphrase, they all will report to the pool. All 3 computers are showing up and hopefully by the end of the weekend ill have over 10tb of drives!