Need a couple coin to switch pools. too small for


need a few coins. im stuck in with only 6tb for now. no way ill actually get to 250 burst for payout. I have been in that pool for almost 200 rounds and it shows 0 for all round shares.


also if i am doing something wrong let me know. my miner looks fine. i get the new block then the found dl then sent dl and confirmed dl then my treads. i can attach a screenshot if need be


Post your address and someone will help you.


whoops. lol. long day.


thank you guys.


another question. what pool is a good pool for someone with 6tb now and 18tb when the rest of my drives show up? I had issues when i first started with bitcoin if you didnt have the crazy setup it was impossible to make anything.

I was thinking about the pool since it pays out at 30 burst instead of 250. Im open to opinions and recommendations though

once again thank you for your time


Sent you a few. I’m not up to date on the various pools, so perhaps someone else can chime in.


thank you sir. ill get you back when i get something coming in


No need. Pay it forward.


sounds good thank you