Need a few Burstcoin please to get started!


Hey everyone, I’ve just realized I need a few Burstcoins to get started. Would anyone be kind enough to send a few through please? Happy to return them once started. Any help to get started would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: BURST-A6X9-MMHC-YNFC-BM49F

thanks in advance!


Sent you a few coins.


Thanks FlippyCakes! Much appreciated… will return then when i get started. :slight_smile:


No problem. Pay it forward.


Will do - thanks again


BURST-3EBH-5NVM-YAH8-A4UFM hi there, I am looking to be set up too. many thanks, Zak


Sent a few your way.


Many thanks


It is showing as a transaction but not confirmed. Am trying to set up Bittrex but doesn’t seem to be working. Once this is working I will transfer this over. many thanks


Paid the burst back. Many thanks for this.


Hi there,

firstly i hope you are all having a good xmas break i know i am :slight_smile:

can someone pay me some burstcoin to get set up and running?

Ty very much


please send me few burstcoin:blush:



Hi everybody, can anyone send me a few BURST to start mining? My Burst address is BURST-6V2Y-47M7-2EZC-2Z8LD. Thank you in advance!


Sent you guys a few.


ty i’ll pay it back as soon as i can, failing burstcoins i have enough other coins if i can convert them to burstcoins to pay you back :slight_smile:


No need to pay me back. Pay it forward.


Hi Guys, quess what. I’m also setting up my mining system. I need some bursts. Could you help me out?
will pay back. thx a lot


Sent you a few.


Hi Guys,

Just set up Qbundle am an ready to start mining. Just need a few coins to get started please.

Thank you!


Sent you some in response to your other post.