Need a few coin to get started - thanks a lot


Very hard to get them from Australia need to have a few to start.
I can pay you back the same amount with any of the following: verge litecoin bitcoingold cardano stellar ripple

Thanks - Alex



Sent you a few to get started. No need to pay me back.


Thanks for the burst coins. I didn’t know that just sending messages and connecting to pools from the burst wallet was a transaction and costing a coin each time. So now I’m back to where a started but with extra knowledge. Anyway I must find a way to exchange some coins. Thanks again, Alex


Hi, as you can see this is very new to me and I will appreciate if you can give me a little help. The other day while mining with at “Block 441188 I got confirmed DL: 1860977 21d 12:56:17”, what does it mean? Should I have received anything? Also, I’m not in the pool as I moved out by playing around with the burst wallet and now I’m stuck with solo mine as I don’t have found to move around. Did I lose anything?

Thank you again.


@cercacitta did you ever get help and have you started mining since this post? :slight_smile: