Need Burst coins to get started


Hi everyone. I need some burst coins to get started with mining. I’m not sure how many i need to get started but any help will be greatly appreciated.




I just sent a couple to your account.

Please come back when you earned some of your own and help out someone getting started.


Thank you so much. I will definitely help others once i have earned some.


Quick question, I noticed that my balance is still 0 in my wallet and after double checking everything it seems like my account ID is different from the one i posted here. How is it possible for it to have changed? I don’t remember doing anything to change that!


Nevermind… noob mistake lol. I logged in with the wrong passphrase that’s why it showed a different account id. Please disregard.

Thank you again for the coins!



If you are still getting the wallet set up, or are still syncing up with the network, you can use the online wallet here: