Need BurstCoin

Hello I am new to this and I need some burst coin so I can start mining please can someone help me my burst address is: BURST-HNHE-Q7C5-PDUD-3RYS3

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sent you a couple to get going


thank you so much,

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When am i to see this credited to the account ? , also i am still after nearly 12 hours downloading the block chain even after i manually downloaded the 4gb db file is there anything i can do to speed it up further i am downloading at 67 blocks a min on an internet speed of 150mb s

any further help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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unfortunately syncing the blockchain can take some time depending on what block the file you downloaded was at, currently we’re at block 475906, so you should be able to gauge how many more blocks you still need to download


ok, thank you for the help

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