Need coins to start :) plx help me out :)


anny one how cane help me out :slight_smile:


Looks like you already started but sent your coins to another address. I sent you another coin in case you need to change your reward recipient again.


ya i helpt a friend out :s i did not know about the fee :frowning: thx tho m8 :smiley:
having problems to to get started is dont know wat pool to use end if i switch it is not taking :s

thx for the coin man :slight_smile:


btw is Burst Wallet client good to mine whit ?


he man i fuckt up :s used a old address of the miner from a youtube vidio cane you lone me 1 more coin pleas im a noob i know :s

Np if ya cant


I send you two BURST. Good luck with it.