Need Help getting started


Hi everyone, Sorry for the 2nd post… I have just set up to mine Burst on my main pc and another pc i have purchased recently, this request is for the other pc… both have 0 balance… and I need to get started…

I would really appreciate if anyone could send a BurstCoin to


You don’t need a wallet for each PC. You can mine to the same address. The same wallet address can be used and accessed from any device.


Sent you one. Though @ryanw is correct. As long as the nonces don’t overlap.


But as soon as I paste the same “Phrase” it logs in with a new Burst ID … how do i use the same one? sorry for being ignorant.


Thanks for sending coins!


I should clarify, I am using the All in One Client with the Wallet GUI… and miner.
I log in with the same paraphrase and the wallet ID is different on two machines. I have just seen that sometimes the wallet ID is the same on both… very odd


A single passphrase can only generate one address and the address will not vary across machines. Make sure you’ve copied it EXACTLY between machines. That means same capitalization, same spaces (even spaces at the beginning or end of the passphrase will change the address).


@shallondb Yes, it will give you a different address if you use a different passphrase. Even and extra space at the end can change the passphrase.


Thanks, Will try figure out what went wrong. I am copying and pasting from a onenote doc… and was careful not to copy spaces… will check


@shallondb welcome to GETBURST great to see that you got help and your all set to start.
I wish you luck in your mining adventures.
See you around :slight_smile: