Need help with minig


Please I have e fev burst I need mining. Please send me e few Burst.
Problem with minig thi is my pictures and start with 100GB. When is was corect I will mining 5TB. But this problem. Win 10 64 bit HDD wake up. And pool is cryptoguru.pool. Is ok pool for me 100GB or no. When pool is good for me mining.

I dont see grenn block it was crash or no. Whats i have to make it. Please help me. Adres for Burst is BURST-CNM9-YHYC-67EY-HZNJU


Sent you a few.


Thank you very much and where is problem with me mining. Do you have any thinks. Please.


I don’t know much about the current state of pools. It looks like your miner isn’t finding deadlines that are low enough to register. Each pool can specify the limit on deadlines that they’ll accept. With only 100GB that may not be enough to find many deadlines, let alone mine a block.


Thank you very much


well, and you do not know who to turn to where I can find a suitable pool. I have read everything and no answer. Thank you