Need more tutorials


Forum could do with more tutorials like is asked many times.

  1. Tutorial for beginners. What does everything mean in the miner?.

  2. How do you set up your own pool? not just on a dedicated server but also on a shared hosting plan.

  3. Why do none of the faucets work?.

  4. How do you set up your own faucet? Do you need burst in your account to run a faucet.

  5. Why do you need 1 Burst in order to do anything in burst like change your reward recipient or change pool or even get your mining reward?.

  6. Are the people that setup and run BURST just greedy because you need 1 burst in order to do anything?.

etc etc


There do need to be some more documentation created for the forum, but the burst community as a whole has started working on a repository that will soon be added to

I did recently write up information regarding needing one Burst to start out.


Thats cool ryanw.

If I can I will add some things myself however just learning myself still.