Need Someone to Update Bad Links AND Content on Official-looking Pages (please REFUND me my HOURS of effort... I want my TIME back!)


Please forgive my apparent attitude, but in the crypto world, anything can happen. And I … < redacted > … loose ends undone?"


I think your attitude is more than apparent, right at the very top of any page on this forum is this


which has all the official links to anything you need, the site admins here do their best I’m sure, but unless poor content is flagged they can’t verify every single post, and managing older posts where things may have changed over time is an even bigger headache


Some links did slip through the cracks on the wallet website. I fixed the linux links to point at the correct page now.

If you created an address with the old software, it works just the same on the current chain. BTW - I hadn’t even looked at the old chain since the fork, amazing it’s still running.


Wow. You guys are here doing the best you can donating time n money into having a forum ppl can go to ask questions , walkthrews or socialize with other miners and this douche says wants compensation… lmfao … I can at least say thanks guys… appreciate your hard work.