Needing 1 Burstcoin to start mining (I think)

Got 1 Burstcoin from a faucet, and changed my Burst Client name like many others. You can’t start mining until you send an outgoing transaction. I then got 5 Burstcoins from two members on another forum (thanks guys). Well, I made my outgoing transaction by sendng them both all of their Burst back leaving my account at zero. As it turns out, your really need two burst to get started. Now I need one to change, or setup for the first time the “Change Reward Assignment.” I am too ashamed to go back to that forum to ask for another Burst.
Just buying Burstcoins with a credit card, or Paypal seems impossible, so here I am. I have plotted my hard drive space. When I click on “start mining,” nothing happens. Please tell me if I am doing something wrong, and thanks in advance.


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Hey, I want to make sure this is the correct address BURST-CK39-AYMH-9HTX-28MLE

You said you had received coins, and had made some transfers, but this address has had no activity at all. Is this the account you are using?

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That is strange. It does say “welcome to your new Burst account.” what the heck?
Tthis was my Burst account … BURST-LDHY-UFCS-V8B5-2CRWB

i just logged off my local, to my online, and now my ID has changed again…any ides?


Please don’t send any Burst to me for now. I have to figure out why my address keeps changing.


Good morning Ryan.

BURST-LDHY-UFCS-V8B5-2CRWB confirmed to be the correct address. I have no idea why I was generating new addresses yesterday.

Thank you

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Ok, glad you got all that figured out. One tiny difference in the passphrase will log you into another address…even a space.

Sending a coin over to you my friend :slight_smile:

---- Getting Started Read Below Before Continuing ----

Contrary to what most of the getting started guides say, you only need to create one transaction to “activate” your wallet. Changing your reward recipient to a pool for mining gets this done. Please read this post regarding activating your account - What It Means To Create Your Public Key (AKA “Activate” Your Account) - Simply Explained

Pools for new and low terabyte miners

Highly recommend and pools for new miners!

Helping out new users

I am also looking for people to join in on helping new users get their first coin on the forum. If you want to contribute, but don’t want to be searching for new people, I run a fund that is solely used to send new users their starting coin. I am very frugal with this fund, and make sure everything is put to good use. The address for this fund is BURST-FFLQ-3QZJ-267R-F3QBX

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Thanks Ryan. I think I am working now…should be mining in the burstneon pool. As soon as I get some coins, they are coming back your way.

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You’re welcome, good luck my friend!

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