Needing some Burst Coins, please help a newbie

Could someone please help me…

I was sent a burst coin so I set my Account Name to My Name. I think that was wrong so I went to try and change it, but I need another 0.1 burst coin to, I think, pay for this.
What should you set your account name to?

Then, or now, I have my hard drives plotted, but when I try to set the mining reward recipient (the pool address) to start mining I am told/shown that I need another 0.1 burst coin, I think, to pay for this.

I hate to ask again, but I would like to respectfully ask that you please send me some Burst Coins so that I can be able to start mining Burst Coin.


Thank you so very much!!!

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Looks like you have 0.2 BURST right now…

Read the information below carefully, because this is the only Burst I’m sending you :slight_smile: If possible, please help out any new person needing some starter Burst. Donations are also welcome to help me start new people off :slight_smile: BURST-FFLQ-3QZJ-267R-F3QBX

---- Getting Started Read Below Before Continuing ----

Contrary to what most of the getting started guides say, you only need to create one transaction to “activate” your wallet. Changing your reward recipient to a pool for mining gets this done. Please read this post regarding activating your account -

Here is a guide for setting your reward recipient for pool mining -

I highly recommend and pools for new miners with under 24TB!


Hey @MrFisherman,
welcome to the GetBURST community.
Look’s like your all set to start mining.
Have fun :slight_smile:

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