Neon pool new?

has anyone heard of burst neon and is it a good pool to start with and is it a new pool I only have 5TB right now would it be a good pool for me and will it work on qbundle well thank you I’m trying to set it up but it won’t tack the reward to them I don’t know what’s wrong can anyone help me

Good Day and welcome @richie,
you can easily setting up the reward with a transaction 0.1 on these links: Reward Page 1 Reward Page 2. And general the reward address is: BURST-YXZW-JH7M-QKR9-9PKBN. If you need help or instruction, feel free to conact me here with a PM or on Discord. lovely regards

so I just enter both in there and I can start mining on your pool I keep getting this trying to sent a reward recipiant

it worked now how do I mine off the pool using Qbundle I sent .1 burst to you guys off my wallet im going to mine from also how do I find my reed solomen ID or how do I check on the mining status of my miner thank you

I mined all night with no pay out why it that I’m using 3.6TB ill include picture can you help me I did pay you guys your reward to mine on your pool thanks for any help you can give me

no payout even after 24 hours of mining?

do i have to pay every time im payed out to a new pool I got 11 burst yesterday been mining 24 hours on same pool and have not been payed out yesterday they payed me 11 burst after 12 hours or after I pay the .1 burst can I mine on it as long as I want? thank you and when does the pool pay out

G’day @richie payouts happen every 150 blocks, there is a notice when next payments comes, its calculate to the payout block

So do I have to pay every time it pays out I been mining eating that yesterday and today with nothing i hit a lot of yellow and am not getting payed I already sent burst coin to you guys to mine your pool so I have to send after every pay out? I been mining in your pool for over two days for nothing now it payed 11 burst yesterday now I bought more drives 1000 dollars worth and am plotting can you help me do I have to pay you guys burst after every payment because I been mining for you guys getting nothing in my account on neon says there is 15 dollars to pay can you help

I payed yesterday started mining got payed one time and then nothing all night and day

Did I mine for free and make you guys coins it says o have shares and everything how can I contact you this takes to long to reply

Iv seen that it is notnpaying out at all donobhave to pay every time that clock runs out to the pool or what do I need to do been mining for over two days for your pool and nothing I payed the rewards recipient and started mining got one pay and the. No more I leftnit on over night and everything and shares what’s going on what do I need to do and why if I set you as rewarded recipient yesterday I only get one pay out of 11 coins then nothing anymore

Let me know it says I’m owed coins o don’t know what to do no one said you have to pay every time you get payed or anything why am I not getting payed out ?

I’m turning my miners off till this is fixed thanks for all the help

I see the pay out block and was wondering why I was not getting payed do you have any answers I set up you as the rewards recipient yesterday and never changed it transaction I can still see ???

Have not been payed in over 24 hours only got payed one time yesterday morning after that nothing been watching those blocks go away everytime with no payment to my wallet

I seen that come and go 100 time and no pay out? I sent you guys burst for rewards recipient and nothing? Payed to me I mined made you guys good money I get nothing

Maybe it’s jist your pool not working and paying me I think I should just swotchbif your saying I should have got payed after 150 blocks that never happened and it miners 24 plus hours with no pay? Can you help me

@richie dude, patience, patience, patience, there’s nothing wrong with the pool, just let your miner run, as you contribute to deadlines you’ll get paid out from the pool based on their rules, I keep telling you this.