netDiff lately


so recently, (within the last week) the netDiff has dropped from 100000+Tb to around 80000+ consistently.

any thoughts?

people shutting down their rigs?
Did the bot stop?

I love it! I’m getting multi DLs on every block, versus only get 1 DL every few blocks.


Now around 72000+ curious why it’s dropping

Hopefully not another fork


Since the netdiff is a value that changes for every block you need to make an avarage over 360 blocks atleast to get an understanding of how big the network is. The netDiff is calculated from values that is used to make blocks keep a 4minute time frame.


I’m guessing it’s the first towards of the tail end of mining at a 5% decay monthly until there are no more coins left to mine.

It’s a beautiful set up that I wished I knew about only sooner.

Good luck to you all