New 1.3.6cg Wallet and Windows Launcher 1.2 Released!


1.3.6cg Release Download
1.2 Windows Launcher Download

In another step towards making the Burst wallet more easily usable by all, the PoC Consortium has released the new version 1.3.6cg.

From the release notes -

This release allows to use different database backends for the burst wallet. Besides MariaDB also Firebird and H2 are there now. To get switched from one backend to another we’ve added a quicksync. Please take a look on the README to learn how to do this.

In keeping step with the CG wallet releases, @Quibus has made a MAJOR update to the Windows Launcher. You can now easily convert between all three supported database types, export databases, and also fully import a database instead of letting your wallet sync itself.

For those running the Windows Launcher already, you can choose “Check For Updates” under the file menu, and ask it to download and install the latest 1.3.6cg wallet, and also update the launcher to the newest version. For those installing the launcher for the first time, there is a wonderful wizard that walks you through setting it up. @Quibus has done an excellent job bringing the stability of the cg wallets to Windows users!