New Burst Coin User. Please sent me some burst coin


Here is my Burst coin address BURST-QJ4J-2DQN-RV63-BSXQE

Thank you all for help

ps. I’m not an English native speaker sorry for any mistake


I have a couple burst heading your way!


Hey there @zxsylph,
welcome to GETBURST :slight_smile:
Your English is perfect.
If you need help just ask and I or someone else will help out.
Have fun :grin:


I want to join burstcoin network, please help me some burst to active account


Hi @nhocclickuit,
welcome to GETBURST.
I will send you 4 BURST to get started.
I would like to hear about your mining adventures and how you got into BURST.
Can’t wait :slight_smile:


good day! i’m new burst, please help me soome burst, BURST-JFEW-TWQP-UJC5-HEBZX
thank you…


@jilan23 welcome to GETBURST and happy to see you joining us,
I see you have enough BURST to start mining no problem.
That is great you are now a BURSTer!
Good luck mining and have a great time.
See you around :slight_smile: