New burst miner looking for some coin


Hey there, I have just gotten started, and I found out that all of the faucets are basically dry or non existent. I just need 1 Burst to start mining, and if all goes well, I will be able to return the favor to someone down the line :slight_smile:

My adress is: BURST-48XL-G9RS-ZAU3-3NVA6

Many thanks in advanced!


The recipient account is an unknown account, meaning it has never had an incoming or outgoing transaction.


What? I swear this is my account address. It does not let me upload a screenshot, if I could i’d show you. Maybe I made a mistake when I copied it? Here it is again: BURST-48XL-G9RS-ZAU3-3NVA6


Sent you a few. @OMB that message just means the account has no transaction in the blockchain, not that anything’s wrong.


Same issue. Please help?
My address is BURST-MLSS-KD2J-X58S-GN4MC
Thanks in advance!


I cant send anything, they say its incorrect


Sent you a few.


Ahh now I understand. Thanks @FlippyCakes you sure helped me start out.


@Kudos, @Jokanok welcome to GETBURST,
I am really happy to see that you got help and everything is working out.

@OMB, @Squeeky, @FlippyCakes thank you for all the help you bring to the community :blush: