New burst user looking to get started


A few are on their way.


Hi, I am new user in Burstcoin mining. Can you be so kind and send me a couple of Burstcoin?
My address is:

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Sent you a few.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hello, friends!
I’m looking for help to start mining and a couple of BURST coins is all I need to begin.
Would anyone be so kind to send me a few?
My address is: BURST-EW9F-5QB2-ABDB-HFA6V
Thanks a lot!


Hi @faust,
Welcome to GETBURST!
If you come and tell me a bit about you, I will send you some coins.
No problem. :slight_smile:


Hi, Estie Trixie!
Well, I became interested in cryptocurrency about a month ago. I built a small farm with GPU and started mining. Soon I found information about Burst and it seemed interesting to me, so I decided to try this unusual currency.
Now I have done all the stuff like software configuration and HDD farm building, so I’m ready to start. but I couldn’t find any faucet to get the coin. Today I’ve found this forum and I hope you would be kind enough to help me out.


Dear Estie_Trixie,

I am in need of some Burstcoin to complete my address and mining pool setup. I like trying new things and decided to give Burstcoing a whirl. I love collecting things, but have NO space in my small apartment, so this digital crypto currency seems like a good idea! At least my neighbor thinks so.

My Burstcoin address is: BURST-GGDK-88L4-G9SA-BHMTV

I am a transplant to California, like most people living here. I travelled a lot the past 13 years, so being back in the US is a blast so far. Unfortunately, all my time is being taken up by people asking me to do things. Good problem to have I guess. Mining for Burstcoin has been a problem solving challenge so far between getting my mining computer working to setting things up and finally obtaining some initial Burstcoin. Who doesn’t love a challenge?!

Thanks in advance for the Burstcoin donation!


4 burst sent.


I guess I was to late, sorry!
Thank you @xiaolin1579 for doing this. :slight_smile:
Thank you @faust, for your comment and introduction.
I hope you like it here and you stick around.
This is a great new place for all of us Burster to have a great time.
Good luck with your mining :wink:
Can’t wait to here how it goes.


welcome to GETBURST!
I love your attitude, all problems are a solution in the making.
WOW! I would love to hear about your travels some time.
Wonderful to have you here. I hope you enjoy it and have a great time. :slight_smile:
Good luck in your mining adventure.
Hope it all works out, good luck Burster :wink:
BTW 4 BURST on the way.


Thank you very much! Now I can start )
It’s a pleasure to find such a kind community! Thanks again!


Hey I’m new to burst and I’m looking to get some burstcoin please?



A few are heading your way.


Hey I’m a new member, and looking for some burstcoin please.



a few coming your way!


thanks. :slight_smile: jax


Hi, share a coin for the new Russian mining :slight_smile: BURST-E49C-NKVZ-Y6VM-7734J Thank you.


Doesn’t appear to be a valid account address. Can you check that you copied it correctly?


I would like a few burstcoin too