New Burst user, need explanations about the wallet miner


Hello guys!
As the title says, I’m new to the world of burstcoin, and I must say that it has never been so difficult to start mining ahaahahaha
So, all the faucets are down or empty, and I need those little burst to start mining mine.
I would really appreciate if you could help me now so I could help someone later.
Thanks all guys, and sorry for my English :smiley:


Post your Burst account address and someone will send you some.



Ty man :slight_smile:


On their way!


@francesco004welcome to GETBURST.
I happy to to see that you are her and ready to mine.
As you can see people here are great and if you need help, just ask and someone will help.
Have a great time and good luck mining.
By the way, your English is great! :blush:


Thank you so much for the bursts, I appreciate it so much. I also hope to be able to help someone as soon as possible.
Btw, for my English I can only thanks google translator ahahaah


Guys anybody know why the program stays this way?
I’m doing a test on the laptop but it does not work …
Should it start immediately or maybe I have to wait a few minutes or hours?
Thank you all!


At first i have the same, after i change pool ( to process started


ok I think I have solved, changed the server port and now it seems to go, I’m always of the idea that until now mining burst has been very difficult ahaahah

Thanks to everyone for support <3