New burstcoin miner today!


Hi all I am jumping through hoops to become a burst coin miner,
getting used to how the systems work on multiple computer has been a challenge as is knowing which database to use. I would like to solo mine but I have read with only 16 TB that is not enough so I need to ask for burst coins to start. Thank you to all those that help me in the coming days.

Please help by sending a couple of burst PLEASE Pretty PLEASE



Yeah these days you want about 220+ tbs to solo mine.
I recommend you join a pool.
You can mine your burst to get started with your cpu or GPU here
Good luck !


Thank you I will try that too.


I dont need a plotter but thank you I just need burst or how to send coin from my bittrex account to this wallet address to make my wallet work… this is confusing it seems maybe someone else already has this wallet address so how would I know, I typed in my address to that website and it does not look like it will send me burst. My local wallet should be synced but it looks like it will never actually finish - I don’t have good instructions to pool min either and I would rather solo anyway.


Still looking for burst to appear in my wallet - is anyone ready this !!! I tried sending someone here 10 burst coins. hope you rec’d them