New Here But Want to Mine

I bought Burst about a year ago, really like the coin and the concept. Excited to start mining, my block chain is up to date and I started plotting. Starting with 4TB but really want to ramp up to 50TB once I get everything going. Looking to stick with Burst Coin for the long term.

I activated my account already , is there any tips before i start

Running Qbundle V1.6 (updating to 1.8 later today)

Don’t expect the coins to be flooding in with 4TB. When you start the miner, as long as you see it scanning, and no errors come up, it is working fine. You will see deadlines submitted only once in awhile with that amount of plotted space.

I recommend using this no fee pool run by the PoC Consortium Burst developers.

Good luck!

Thanks RyanW, I started mining using the Pool crptoguro & blago as my miner.

Neeb questions , how do I know its working properly and how long does it normally take

my goal it buy a total of 50 TB this week already have the rig ready just need the HDD

As long as the miner is scanning and occasionally submitting deadlines, it is running correctly. If you see any errors reported on it, then perhaps not.

How long does what normally take?

it had a few lines of HDD wake up but looks like its running fine now.

How long do you keep this mining screen up , Few days/hours does . When can you stop it or log off, does it tell you when your done in that pool or is that up to you .

Once your done you coins automatically go to your wallet ?

also for you recommend any other downloads for this

thanks for your help

You leave that mining screen on forever. Stop it, you stop mining.

Once you hit the minimum payout threshold for the pool (100 coins), they will be transferred to your wallet.

ok perfect that’s what I thought, thanks again

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