New member help


hello i’m new user of burstcoin pls help me


It looks like you have found some Burst, and have already gotten started! Welcome to the forum, and good luck!

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---- Getting Started Read Below Before Continuing ----

Contrary to what most of the getting started guides say, you only need to create one transaction to “activate” your wallet. Changing your reward recipient to a pool for mining gets this done. Please read this post regarding activating your account - What It Means To Create Your Public Key (AKA “Activate” Your Account) - Simply Explained

Here is a guide for setting your reward recipient for pool mining -

Pools for new and low terabyte miners

Highly recommend and pools for new miners with under 24TB!

Helping out new users

I am also looking for people to join in on helping new users get their first coin on the forum. If you want to contribute, but don’t want to be searching for new people, I run a fund that is solely used to send new users their starting coin. I am very frugal with this fund, and make sure everything is put to good use. The address for this fund is BURST-FFLQ-3QZJ-267R-F3QBX


its not synking and wont let me mine I don’t know what to do I just ploted a ten tribit drive and I still can mine or access my wallet do you have any sugjestions so I can min burst coin thank you


I don’t know what happened with the .1 burst coin I had my computer froze and I don’t know where to find it so I can get this to start mining I have a 500TB system ready to be plotted and mined I need some help can anyone please help me and I will donate a good amount to your account a full week off 500tb mining for anyone that can help me free rent out or something thank you


It sound like you need to slow down a bit. Probably best to deal with getting a wallet working first? Getting acquainted with that part first?

Are you using Windows? If so, are you running Qbundle? Did you try to bootstrap the chain or just let it synch? It takes a long time to synch.

Here is a guide you should read to get it all up and running.

I need help getting started

Yes but syncing and boot strap won’t work I’m just going to try and get everything ready and familiar with this wallet plot my drives and stuff before I start for some reason I didn’t. See the part we’re inhave to set up a reward for the pools first I’m going to get these two miners set up and plotted if you have any videos or advice would be welcome thank you so much I’m just stuck need to sync and get the wallets going forst