New member looking for a start


Hello new to this process, I keep getting an error and I think it is because I have not set the recipient in mining. To change that I need a burst coin, however I am unable to sign up for bittrex and purchase any.

Looking for a kind soul to help:
Ill return it as soon as I can :slight_smile:

edit: I used 1 coin as a rename but now i can only solomine… still working the kinks but im trying to sign up for the 0-100 cryptoguru but im not sure if all i have to change is recipient address. any info would help thanks!


While a bit disingenuous I created a new account, so i think this should work as long as I replot my hard drives. crossing my fingers. Dont worry ill send back the 1 burst back to burstpay if it works :smile:


I haven’t been on in a few days to go through requests…update if you still need a coin. Creating a new account doesn’t mean burstpay will send you a coin again, but who knows. Send some back to the faucet when you get up and running :wink:


thanks for the follow up, but I managed to create another account on my phone on a different network that was able to get another faucet donation. In the mean time i looked through your recommendations and set my mining to cryptoguru. Unfortunately I didnt realize by default the setup went to the 50-50 instead of the 0-100 but i just tested with a small plot size and it works. so after my larger hard drives finish I should be able to dig myself out of this hole and lay back the faucet.

even though i have messed up twice already this is so exciting :laughing:


:sunglasses: I mine on 50-50, it’s just fine for me. I set up a miner for my mom, and it mined there with just 8TB for the longest time.