New Member quistion about starting a new wallet


I dont understand why they make it so complicated to start a new wallet.
Why not funding direct from the start from my bittrex account to my burst wallet?
My wallet account: BURST-6ZE7-QQ5G-ULCA-78QDT
Is the Public Key for recieving funds?


Sent you one. That’s a Bittrex choice. Use it to make any transaction (for example, set your account name) and Bittrex should be able to send to your address.


Account name ? You maen. The public Key?


Making any transaction will record your public key on the blockchain.


How can I make any transaction whwn it is not possible to fund my Burst wallet/
Strange that i have to bag here for 1 or 2 burst coins!! And then made an transaction with a stranger,Weird


I agree it’s strange. That’s a Bittrex policy. I don’t know exactly why they’ve implemented it.