New Miner, Hello All. And need one coin


Hello. Just starting mining. Looking to join pool and need one coin to start
Im thinking of joining->0 100 burst cryptoguru org
Is that a good pool to join? I have 3x8tb on my everyday pc.
Also, few random questions
1 Do I need to open any ports?
2 GPU plotting worth it?
3 Plot in 1tb chunks good strategy?

My address:


Is see you have a balance of 1 burst but no public key yet, I suggest you read this post

Answers to random questions:
1 - It shouldn’t be necessary
2 - I generally don’t bother with GPU plotting, but I guess it’s a personal choice depending on your hardware, also the built in plotter in Qbundle ensures your plots are compliant with upcoming Dymaxion hard fork
3 - I run the odd 1TB plot but generally stick to 0.5TB in case I ever need to free up some space on a drive, or copy plots across to another drive


Appreciate the reply. I did find a faucet yesterday after posting this thread. Dont see the 1 coin in my wallet yet, but its still syncing blockchain.