New Miner looking for a burst to start mining BURST-JHE9-89Y9-75RX-6MF8E


My name is Rix, after playing and setting up some GPU mining rigs, I am now looking to get started with Burst mining. It looks I need one burst to get a mining pool setup? (strange rule btw, does not make it easy to get started)

I have 2x 2TB drives ready to go, and when its all working another 10TB in external drives

any help would be appriciated

Kind Regards


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The one Burst is the cost of a transaction on the Burst network. You need to perform a transaction to switch your reward recipient to a pool. Also, you must perform a transaction to have your address recorded on the blockchain (aka activated). We would need your address to be able to send you a coin.

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Hi Ryan

Thank you for your explanation, makes a little more sense now

My address is BURST-JHE9-89Y9-75RX-6MF8E, would I be able to see who send me a coin so I can repay it when I have mined some?



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sent you a couple and yes you’ll see the burst address of the sender


Thank you for helping me to get started, I have returned the coins + some extra as a thanks for helping a stranger out

Kind regards



thanks very much

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