New Miner looking to learn and have fun

Hello everybody I’m new here and I appreciate your warm welcomes in advance. Looking forward to figuring out how to do this mining thing. I’ve got two terabytes ready to go. I’m just starting small trying to figure it out, learn the ropes before I even think about trying to steal my wife’s computer’s hard drives.

I’m still trying to get my coinbase account approved. Well the banking part anyway (Canadian banks are finiky). If someone could spare 1 lovely Burst so I could join a pool it would be greatly appreciated and I would get you back in a month or maybe more when I get my first pool payment.

Again thank you in advance for your kindness.


Hey my friend. It looks like you’ve already found a couple coins and got set up on the 100-0 pool. Welcome, and good luck!

Thanks. I am not sure it is working but you say you can see i have a recipient setup. that is great. now why won’t it mine when i click for it to start mining. In actuality nothing happens at all. I have the pool mining selected and the right server info put in. my hard drives are showing in the plotfiles. I have HDD wakeup selected and use multithreading. :S

There have been some kinks in the new software releases. I am recommending everyone go go back to Qbundle 1.9 with Burst wallet 1.3.6cg for now. You do not have to replot or anything like that.