New Miner need burstcoin to start mining. Thanks in advance :)

I plan to mine burstcoin using a 2TB HDD. need a burstcoin to start.
and how long does it take to plot a 2 tb HDD?


Thanks to anyone who decides to be generous.

A few are heading your way.

thankyou very much kind sir!

Could use a few Burst to get started. Looking forward to returning the favor. BURST-S76D-KGKD-6KHN-726JE

Sent a few your way.

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Guys, please, if you could help me


I look forward to return the favor!

Thank you so much

Sent you a few.

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Hi Guys, Can someone help kick-start a mining operation at BURST-ZGQF-URUY-BFGQ-BLY2G
It will be much appreciated and I can also help someone else in future


Hi Guys,

Keen to get into mining some Burst coin. Appreciate some help with Burst to startup account: BURST-HHMQ-2835-WXD4-5G6HR

Keen to repay once I get started. Cheers

Could I get some help too? Thanks so much