New miner requesting seed and info


Greetings everyone, just heard about Burst and wanted to get involved. I’m looking for a seed to join a pool as well as some info.

Should i set up 1tb or 500gb to start with? I have a spare TB international in my system after a fresh OS install and am not sure if I want to dedicate the whole drive to start. Is there a big benefit to dedicating the full TB to join a pool?

Thank you and happy mining.


5 Burst coin on their way. Please pay it forward to someone in the future when you get up and mining. I started two months ago and I am up to 61tb, hit two blocks and have over 3K burst. Nice community if everyone helps each other. Also I would start with 1 TB but do not plot the entire drive. Try leave like 2% free. Anything less than 1TB IMHO is not worth it.

Try not to use the plotting features in the Burst ALL IN ONE wallet download. I come to find out while convenient for it to be there it is better if you run the plot programs yourself. I have a BAT file you can take a look at if you like. GPU plotting may be a bit faster but not worth the headache. Try to use the XPLOTTER_avx or better yet XPLOTTER_avx2 if you can which is faster. All of these can be download.

AVX2 is dependant on the allowable instructions set of your CPU but well worth the speed you get. I can plot a 8TB drive in 40 hours at 12 gig of memory.


Thanks for the start up and info!

I think I actually have 1.5tb free so I’ll take your advice on the set up for sure. You actually answered my follow up as to if it’s worth setting up GPU mining so I won’t bother with that.


I am no expert but I work in technology so things come a bit easier and GPU plotting while beneficial, was just not worth the headache. Here is a key point in plotting

  1. If possible have a battery backup to your computer your plotting. However if you use Xplotter_avx or Xplotter_Avx2 your IN LUCK because it has a GREAT restart feature e.g. if you were to have a power blip, or lets say you just want to shut down the plotter for a few min because it is consuming your memory and you need to take care of some emails or better yet your computer did an auto reboot due to something like MS updates. Then YOUR IN LUCK.

If you restart the batch file the right way the AVX Plotter will spin through the plot file and pick up where it left off. I do this all the time for various reasons. Important to restart the batch file the -n variable with the NONCE Number in the example on line 27 has to be the same of the file you already started. If you do it will pick up where you left off. The nonce number you see there is my number for an 8TB drive your nonce number will be different depending on the size drive your plotting. See lines 24-26 and you will see that it is different for each drive size.

  1. The biggest benefit of all is that the Xplotter program creates your plot files OPTIMZED. Read up on that but there is a huge benefit in optimizing your plot files from the get go. If you use another program you may have to optimize and that will result in having a 2nd hard drive available with the same capacity and another spin of “n” of hours to optimize the new file. NOT WORTH it (time is money, mining :slight_smile:

Here is an image copy of my bat file. If your good with computers you will understand

  1. Change the 7th line to be your wallet account number (if you don’t you will waste your time).
  2. Change the drive letter on line 11 your going to put the plot file on.
  3. Play with the memory on line 27 to suit your needs I have 16 gig of memory so I run with 12gig. If you have 8 try 6g
  4. Lines 24-27 are preset to plot either 1TB 2TB 4TB or 8TB drives. Just rem out the line you don’t want and activate the line you do want.
  5. On line 27 the batch file plots to the same drive but with \plot on it e.g. E:\plot. If you don’t want that then just modify it.

Important I spent allot of time making sure my plotted files “DO NOT OVERLAP” This has to do with how your start your plot file SN number line 27. The naming convention I use has eliminated the possibility of overlapping plot files. Read up on that when your ready to plot.

Alot to soak in at first but after 30 days you will be like. Was that was all to it?

Happy Bursting


Phenomenal! I’ll try setting that all up when I get home tonight.


Heres a quick high level guide

1 - Open your account up
a. Get your number

b. Setup a name for your account this will be helpful so when your on the pool you can find yourself easy

c. Once your done with this set all the information aside in a txt file somewhere.

2 - Start looking for a pool to mine in.

a. I use they are friendly to new miners and have been stable now for 2 months and payouts are faster than quoted. You want stability.

b. Figure out where you are going to PHYSICALLY mine e.g. is it on the same computer or another computer. Where you open and store your wallet has no relation to the gear your mining on. I have my wallet on my local home computer and have a whole rig setup for mining three feet away from me in my home office.

c. If you know your going to join a pool set the reward assignment ahead of time. This will avoid having to wait the 4 blocks any pool asks you to wait for while your plotting your drive.

3 - Get ready to learn and plot your drives

a. Figure out how to plot your drive
b. Make sure you drive is optimized from the get go. XPlotter does this for you
c. Make sure any future plots do not overlap
d. While your first drive is plotting, start getting ready your batch file and config file to mine the pool.

4 - Once the plot file is ready, start mining

a. Once the plot file is ready you should have ready to go the batch file and the config file for mining the pool you are joining

b. To join any pool you must set the reward assignment which is code for you having to pay your way in to join the pool. This is a one time payment but if you switch pools you have to pay to join that new pool. If your limited on burst coins best to stick to one pool until you have earned burst. The pool needs to know who you are and add you to them and they can pay you.

This is done by “SETTING THE REWARD ASSIGNMENT FEATURE” best to use the set reward assignment in the All in One AIO feature in the burst coin download you did. This is why I sent you 5 burst and broken down like this.

  • 1 burst for the name change
  • 1 burst for joining the pool ( I think it is one burst) + 1 burst fee
  • 1 burst for sending a test burst to someone, anyone (back to me if you like) this will solidify your wallet and demonstrate that you received and have sent at lest one burst. + 1 burst fee
  • This should leave you with zero burst.

Start mining and get more burst !! :slight_smile: