New Miner - Server Error 403 Forbidden


I am new to Burst Mining - I started mining on Friday and get the message below
My questions are:

  1. Is this working or do I have a problem. I am thinking that I have a problem and was not able to find a solution using google or any of the YT videos.
  2. How can I fix the Server Error
  3. Always looking for feedback on how to mine better
  4. When should I get a payout if I’m on fastpool with 10TM (8 & 2) when everything is running properly

  1. Yes there is a problem.
  2. Double check the addresses are correct. Maybe if you screenshot your qbundle mining screen. Also, you can go to their website and access their telegram support and see if they are having server problems.
  3. Make sure your deadline limit is set to 8000000.
  4. Minimum payout is 50 Burst…so maybe 3 weeks?


Thanks Ryan - I looked at the qbundle set up and found that I has Solo Mining checked and not pool mining. I changed it to pool and everything else looked ok. miner_After that change this is what the BlagoMiner is looking like. Does this look ok now.

When I went to the fastpoool site I can see my account as participating.


Ok, great. Glad everything is working for you now!