New miner Thanks

Hello everyone just got a 8TB ext Hardrive to mine with ,Gonna need some help here.Tried to use turbo plotter and it said 271 hours to do the whole drive 11 days? So i am trying out x plotter at 3600 nonces/min how long will 2 TB take i figured about 33 hours does this sound right Thanks

Well, if you bought a seagate 8TB, yes it will take a lot time to plot directly.

What turbo plotter does is enable you to plot to a faster disk (like an ssd), and then copy over to the 8TB in chunks.

But yeah, that speed sounds about right for one of those drives.

Thanks Ryan for the reply, i guess my math was ok. Just gonna try to finish it with xplotter. Is there a way to restart where u leave off if u have to shut down the computer?

Yes, xplotter has this feature!

If you are using Qbundle, there is an option for this under Plotter => Action => Resume Plotting

Thanks again .You saved me hours of doing it over…newbie lesson

You’re welcome, good luck my friend!