New miners need 0.1 burst binding pool


New miners need 0.1 burst binding pool. My account number ID is BURST-R8ST-K5HY-768D-26NFQ, and then I will donate


sent you 1 to get going


thank you !

This is a successful submission of the block, right?
A total of more than 100 terabytes of capacity is being done


Hi @Zhta

In that frame you have a successful find then submission then confirmation in that order.
You also have a file error.
But to answer your question, successful submission of a deadline not block.



If this was found, why didn’t my wallet show the dug blocks?
After a whole day of digging, there wasn’t a single burst?.


Hi @Zhta
With a 100tb you are not guaranteed to win any blocks but your odds are good.
I have 50tb and I pull about a block per month if I am lucky.
Are you Solo mining or pool mining ?
As this would greatly affect the payout intervals.
If solo you will only get payed when you forge a block. on pools this varies from pool to pool.
My pool for example will payout any payouts over 20 burst, this is in order to save burst on transaction fees.
Contact me on Discord if you like @iframe