New Mining Issue

Ok I have run across a new problem. Its an error 858861617 its quoted as neing a bad “accountID” parameter and it apparantly needs to be uint64. Im not entirely sure what that means and what I need to do to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated that way I can help mine.

Something is wrong with how you plotted. The account ID was wrong or something like that.

Can you post your plot filenames and also your Burst address?

Most likely, you will have to replot.

Ok so I tried a few things and was getting it to work. I was seeing my overall percentage of acquiring the block, and the block winner. However, i just ran into a new error code. The code is
Error 942682161 deadline exceeds deadline limit of the pool… Perhaps i should attempt to mine on a different pool? Do you recommend any? Here’s my Burst address.


I will try to lower it down to about a 1M see if that solves it…

Ok, I got your Burst address, but can you please give me the filenames of your plots? I want to see if your numeric ID on the filename matches your Burst address.

Still looks like it’s a plot issue, and you will have to replot…

So this is the file name itself. Should it be something else? If I have to re-plot should I delete this file? Lastly is there a faster way to plot a 1TB hardrive took almost 2 days…


To see if you can speed up your plotting go to this thread below and scroll down to the part where it talks about using

xplotter_avx2.exe program and how to check if you can use the program by loading up the CPU-Z program.

Follow @Digidigm advice above for future plotting.

As far as your plot filename, it’s what it is supposed to be…it’s just easy to confirm this way if you used the wrong numeric id…

All I can say is that your first error I had to search about, and all that was suggested with those was that the person needed to replot. But if you’re mining fine now, I really don’t know what the issue was.

As for the deadline limit error, if you set your miner deadline to the same as the pool, you won’t see that anymore. Basically, you’re just submitting a deadline higher than what the pool accepts.

Turns out my CPU doesnt allow AVX2 plotting. Although thank you for this information it will certainly help down the line I’m sure.

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Your welcome ping us if you have any issues.