New system for mining (2k budget)

Hello fellow enthusiasts :slight_smile:

Thanks to ryanw I now own a Burstcoin.

I would like to start mining, and have some questions.

I have about 2000 euro’s to spend, and would like to know what hardware is best to pick.
I currently have a x3440 Xeon (8 threads, overclocked to 3.8 ghz), 4gb DDR3 a GTX570 and a 600w psu laying around , I don’t know if this is sufficient.
I know I will need SAS controller, other than that I don’t really know what hardware to pick. Buying new if the performance goes up is definately an option.

  • Is mining CPU/GPU intensive? if so, what do I need for best performance? (i’ve googled around, found no conclusive answer yet)
  • What motherboard/cpu/gpu would be the sweet spot in this price range? (i’m a former computershop owner, so I know my way around hardware.)
  • I was thinking about buying WD Green 8TB drives, is this a good choice?


  • I know plotting will take a long time, is using a GPU plotter a much faster alternative compared to CPU? (if so what software would you recommend?)
  • Are there any performance differences to using windows or linux?

I know that at the moment i’ll make around 130/150 euro’s a month (I think i’ll be able to buy about 80-90TB with this budget) but I believe the price will go up over time.
This is not putting me off at the moment, and I like a gamble.

Thanks in advance for your help :):blush:

I suggest checking out this thread to get some ideas.

What I did was just start out with an older system I had which was a 3rd gen i-5, and have just added cheap USB3 cards to it. This is currentliy mining 12 x 8Tb external drives, and 1 x 1TB internal.

I am moving on to server setups now, and will probably not expand much on my external setup, but really, that is the most economical way to get mining. Your CPU with 8 threads will be able to handle 100Tb and more as long as your usb3 lanes don’t get all clogged up.

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Thanks for your reply ryanw,

Why not use a SAS controller?
This should have much better performance and expendability.

So I guess I have the primary hardware sorted for the moment, Ill just use what I have laying around with a SAS controller and bunch of 8TB harddrives.
But what about the rest of my questions.
Can you, or anyone else help me with that? :slight_smile:

(I’ll check out the rest of this forum in the mean time :slight_smile: )

The reason I say this, is so you can be involved and take your time figuring out your best configuration. You will have experience mining, and then pick up some things over time chatting with people. Then, you can make your perfect miner for you, and also have this first miner working as well.

Here are some more answers -

You need an sas2 controller. sas1 only supports 2TB.
Mining is not intensive, though I don’t have any experience personally mining with gpu. The CPU will be run on average every 4 minutes to scan the drives, and the other time it will be idle. If you are just scanning a couple drives with the cpu, there isn’t much going on there at all…however if you are scanning many many drives, it will be taking a lot of the cpu time.

Motherboards…I don’t have any specific recommendation as I have just used what is lying around. I prefer CPU mining as I didn’t have good luck when I tried GPU way back when I started. So, if I were buying a motherboard, I would probably want a multi-socket that supports CPUs with as many threads as possible (this would be for the sas configuration).
As for WD Green…any drives mine well. People even use the cheapest seagate external smr drives. I do know some people go after enterprise drives because of the good warranty.

What I’m trying to say here is this: Try to go the cheapest way in the beginning. You will gather more knowledge and experience and will be able to better determine what your perfect miner is that you want to make. Much of a miner build is according to personal preference, not that there is a “perfect” build.

Here is a plotting Benchmark page maintained by @MrPilotMan as well. You might find this useful

Thank you ryan,
I noticed that I need some more ram :slight_smile:
4GB is not sufficent in my system, ofc it works, but I think performance could greatly be optimized bij adding ram.

When plotting, I currently get a speed around 7000 on CPU, and 13000 on GPU (gtx 980).

I think I made a stupid mistake, I’ve set a name for my wallet, costing me a coin.
Now I can not mine, when I go here.

I get an error stating that I have insuffiecent balance.

I know that I made a dumb mistake, but could you find it in your heart to send me another coin?

Kind regards.

Sure, I sent you one. Here is something I wrote for new people to read when they are getting started. Pass it onto other new people if you send them a coin.

Jumping on the thread, do I have to plot the drives again if I move from USB drives to a Sas2?

I don’t think so.
I believe your plot file is working with your HDD whatever the configuration (usb/sata)

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That is correct, you don’t need to plot again.

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I’ve bought 7, 4TB drives, a SAS controller Dell PERC H200, and 8GB of ram is on it’s way.
I am currently plotting via SATA but it is really slow in my opionion.

5500 nonces a minute.
I’m only at 15% of one drive after 24 hours.

Can this have anything to do with the fact that I currently only have 4gb of ram?

What cpu do you have? Chances are if you have a slow cpu that is as fast as you can plot. I run dual 6core with hyper threading and plot at 14000. Avx2 support and high clock speed helps. You can also plot with gpu but it requires more effort and a good gpu

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Xeon 3440 @3.2 ghz.

Avx2 is not supported at this CPU, and i’m currently using SSE4.
Should I be plotting at my main system?
I’ve got a i5 6500 and a GTX 980.

I don’t mind not gaming for a day if I improve on speed.

Currently using my GTX980 to plot unoptimized.
Takes about 11 hours to complete (21000 nonces at the moment).

I guess optimizing will take about the same time.
So i’m looking at a full week to get it all up and running (optimized).

Yep getting setup for burst take time. I have been plotting for 2 months to get to 400tb

That must be annoying af.
About setting nonces.
If I start my first plot with nonce 0, and my second plot with 1. Will that cause any issues?
Currently I am starting my first plot with 0, and at my second system the plot started at the end of the fist plot 14745600 + 200000 (just to be sure).

I guess it does no harm if there is some space between plot numbers?

Do you use any kind of raid setup?

No raid just raw disks. There is an Excel spreadsheet for tracking nonces if you like either here or on the reddit page. Great for tracking

Yeah, I saw that, but is there any harm in just putting a random higher number in?
I just cheked both of the plots.
I’m afraid there will be overlapping, am I correct?

16417921 - 31163520
26417921 - 41163520

Restarted the second plot because it was only at 16%
Current values are like this:
16417921 - 31163520
41163521 - 55909120
This should be fine right?

Yes that looks good you can start at 31163521 and be fine

If you are only planning on a small amount of bust it should be fine but the bigger you the harder it will be to track

I’m planning on upscaling this system.
I currently have 5 drives connected to SATA (6th is bootdrive) and 2 drives connected to my SAS controller.
There will be 6 more drives connected to my SAS in a couple of weeks.
I’m aiming for 13, 4tb drives up and running within the shortest possible time.

Is it important for mining performance to have my nonces in order, or is it only a matter of “bookkeeping”?

Just book keeping. Optimized plots are keep and having enough cores to read the drives. My rule of thumb is 24core per 36 drives or 2 cores per 3 drive but that may change if you have a avx or avx2 cpu

Threads or real cores? :slight_smile:
I have 8 threads, so 13 drives should be no problem right?

What is your experience with non optimized plots?, i’m getting mixed answers.