New Testnet with wallet 2.x.x // own local setup / How?


Hi all,

i like to contributed with testing for the upcoming HF…
I am not a real developer ( only some python ) , but i can make some tests…
First off all i need to download the wallet ( gbundle ? ) and a miner for windows ?
But where – i am not familar with github and dont know where to search :slight_smile:
But i create a github acc … yeah …

Second what do i need to setup on the configs that i get connected against the testnet ?
How does it work with already installed gbundle 2.02 / mariaDB production version on the same PC?
How can i reuse maria db ?

And finally do we have a netexplorer for the testnet ?

Last final : Could we not have a new section for all the dummies like me which like to help for HF but not so deep inside the coding and tech ?! Like a first step/pool of knowledge to approach ?!



You can find their software at their github respository. Everything is there that is public.

For other questions, you can go visit the PoCC discord…

If they are wanting some specific help, I’m sure they’d let people know through. You can also try to get some of your other questions answered there.