New to burst :D


Hey guys, So i know I might be late to the party, But i have an old lappy, about a TB of space right now and am plotting it, Im also waiting on my 2x 3tb hdds to arrive from interstate (moved recently) then I’ll have a use for all that space, But wanted to at least get started, Even if its only on a 1TB laptop for now, At least get my feet wet.

So 2 questions, I see from tutorials that I need a few Burst coins to even begin? Anyone able to spare a few to my good self? BURST-KTRD-YS8P-L4TT-9FGJR

Secondly where is a good place to start with Pools? Obviously I’m only starting small, and partially for fun and partially out of interest, SO I’ll need a pool that doesn’t need me to have you know 50TB or something, for the next month I’ll have 1tb, then onto 7 after that, and I’ll build from there.

Thanks anyone who has time to help out.

I have managed to get ONE burst from a faucet, But need 2 i believe? to really get going?


And that one is now gone :frowning: I tried to update my name, and it worked… least thought it did… then it disapeared and now i have ) burst, and no name :frowning:


Looks like you indeed changed your account name. (Which is not necessary for mining, but I know the wallet prompts you to do it.) Just sent you a few more Burst so you can set a reward recipient. Happy mining!


You’re an awesome person! Ty so much, Yeah I wasn’t sure if I had to change my name or not, Figured I’d play it “by the book”



@Obellisk228 welcome to GETBURST,
I see your all set up and ready to start mining :slight_smile:
That is awesome!
Your right @FlippyCakes is a amazing person, thanks Flippy :smiley: