New To Burst (Help Needed Pls)

Good Afternoon All,

Completely new to Burst so have few questions.

I am unable to create reward assignment “Reward Assignment Did Not Succeed” error.

Apparently I need some “Bursts” in my wallet. Using local wallet is this a good idea and could some please help with few Bursts? That would be very kind, extremely difficult to obtain as I live in South Africa. (BURST-9XXJ-QJSK-8MZ9-GFQHF)

Also could I get a link to download the latest blockchain?

I know loads of questions and asking for help, but I will pay it forward when I get a chance.

Many Thanks Tomas

welcome from a fellow South African on this very special day

I’ll send you a few burst but suggest you read this post from @Digidigm with lots of good tips to get you going as I see you don’t have a public key yet.

Also your wallet will automatically synch the blockchain if you’re running qbundle

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