New to burst looking to get some burst

Hey I’m just looking for somebody to help me out by lending me a couple of burst to get started. It would be awesome!

Thanks in advance!

Hey there! I am away from home at the moment but can throw a few your way when I’m back. Or someone I’m sure may beat me but you will need to post you BURST-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX number to get anyone to make it happen

Yes, please give us your Burst address, so we can send you some.


Lol totally forgot, thanks for the responses!

One month ago transaction not confirmed yet

What should I do?

Hi. I am new to Burstcoin. Need some help to get started please. Many thanks.

@Reagulus and @CryptoMiner107 I just sent you both a couple Burst to get started! Have fun!

thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Thanks A lot!!

Looking to start mining and could use some starter coins. BURST-YUHJ-6284-85Q5-42KZP Looking forward to funding some faucets in the near future :slight_smile:

Sent you a couple BURST my friend :slight_smile:

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Hey, thank you!

Getting started in the crytpo world! Can I get some Burst to be apart of the party?! BURST-6YZ6-5VJQ-26RE-99ZMG

A couple Burst headed your way. Have fun!

Hi There

I am starting within the burst mining community and i cant get any of the faucets to work.

Is there a chance to get a couple burst so i can stat mining


Thank you in advance.

2 Burst incoming my friend.

Thank you very much… now i need to figure out how blago’s miner works

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Hello. I just got to know Burst and im interested to join but i dont know how to earn some coin. So i heard that this section can helped me to earn some Burst. May i ask for some of it? Thanks

I would love to get some too: BURST-B6ZH-956V-DPE3-3DZ46