New to Burst - looking to mine


Good evening all. New to Burst and Mining but not Cryptos. I have 1TB plotted and ready to go with CreepMiner installed on my Ubuntu machine. Looking for a burst to get started and good pool to get started in with this small amount of HDD. Maybe a little tech assistance getting CreepMiner running if anyone has experience with it. BURST-YBUN-55GS-KWUF-B8FUM. The generosity of this community has really gotten me excited about this project. Great bunch of folks around here and i would be honored to become a part of it.



Sent you a couple to get going. I suggest ZERO FEE

As for creepminer, I only have experience with xplotter. Maybe someone else can answer any questions if you have any…


thank you so much! I will check out the suggested pool.