New to Burst mining - A little help

Hi all,

Mike here, located in Telford, UK.

Just starting out mining Burst and would really appreciate it if somebody could send a couple of Burstcoin to my wallet to help me get up and running.


Many thanks in advance guys!

It looks like you are all set up with reward recipient set to Good luck, and welcome to the forum!


Seems I have an issue. I’m getting the following error:

[ERROR 1004] Your Burst account’s reward recipient (BURST-9EXM-LHWG-CRYJ-4S5
UL) does not match pool’s account (BURST-SPAC-EWWF-CRX2-78Z6Z)

So now I need to try and get some Burst to be able to update the reward recipient.

There should not be this error if you are attempting to mine at pool. You will get this error if you are trying to use another pool.