New to Burst mining, need 1 coin and help picking a pool


Hello and grettings from Sweden!

I’m very new to this burst mining, and could use some help. If anyone could send 1 coin
and also help me find a good pool for my 7TB plots, I would be eternally grateful.


Thank you all in advance!


Sent a few your way.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Any idea where I should mine?


Welcome, you can everytime visit us BurstNeon, for starter / little miner is there a burst guarantee of 1 burst (minimum) per block. lovely regards.


Hi MrWho_I_Burstneon,

I am considering to join your BurstNeon pool, liking the graphics on the site.
Any chance I can get a burst coin to change Reward Recipient?

Thank you,


Thanks, of course will send you some, writing me here a pm or in Discord with your burst address, lovely regards


Apologize, I should add my Burst Address.


See you in the pool,


Send lovely regards


Thank you so much! I think it’s set.

Now it’s just mining and learning.