New to burst trying to learn

Hello all,

I am new to both burst and cryptocurrency in general. I have a solo miner running, though I am unsure if my setup is particularly efficient I am trying to learn the basics. To start I only have 100 GB plotted and I have no burst yet, tho I have a wallet set up. I spent much of the day trying to get set up on a few exchanges but I was not able to determine how to purchase burst even though I was willing to pay for it.

I’m not sure why I need a burst to start, but I have seen several people say they need one. Would appreciate any tips for beginners.


  • zb

I sent you a couple Burst. Solo mining with under 100TB, yes terabytes, probably isn’t the best way to go…though you’ll be learning a lot more starting out that way for sure.

Where exactly are you trying to purchase BURST? The exchanges with the exception of coinroom require you to first have Bitcoin to purchase Burst.