New to Burst


Newbie here.

Can I ask a favor? plss…
I just need 1 or 2 Burstcoin for startup.
Can you please lend…


Thanks a bunch.

Love you all.

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You’ve already set your reward recipient several times… I sent you a few more coins. Choose a pool wisely.


I think I didnt know what I’m doing then.
I received 3 burst from someone. Is that you?
Thanks so much.

I will study the how to videos before making any further steps.

Thanks again.


You received 3 from BurstCoin.RO Faucelet and 2 from me.


Yey. Thanks Flippy Cakes.
I appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Love you bigtime!


I just wanted to try minning burstcoin. I’ll just be using 400gig extra space from my hdd.
I’m on the learning curve right now. I’m a teacher here in Manila and wanted to earn extra income for my family.


please anyone can sent me 3 burst

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Sent you two. That should be enough to get started since you already have a public key.

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thank you sir for instant response

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@VidjoeMate hey welcome to GETBURST,
I see you already got some help to start up your mining.
Good luck and have fun.
If you need help just ask. :slight_smile:

Here is a pool for small miners:

@arif welcome to GETBUSRT.
Yes @FlippyCakes is a great BURSTer and he is really fast at helping the new miners.
So as you can see the community is great.
Have fun mining and good luck :slight_smile:

Hi i am John new here just started setting up my burst coin need help

can any help me with some coin to get me started please much appreciate here is my

Wallet = BURST-63K7-X28L-GNZY-9V2MX

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Hello, i am new here and please send me some coiuns to start mining. I will bring you back ASAP only give me your Address. My is: BURST-JZDD-SGAY-WWQQ-DBQC9

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Would love some help also, would like to join a pool. BURST-ND7F-6GHN-F5RY-EBP7J
Please and thank you!

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@John1, @gwsxxx, @Dragon welcome to GETBURST,
I am sorry it took me so much time, but hey better now then never.
Have a great time mining and I hope you love BURST as much as I do :wink:
Oh yeah, you got 4 BURST on the way, more than enough to get started.

Use burstcoin .ro faucet if you need burst and 2 great pools to mine in.